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  • Server Maintenance

Due to the various types of servers and the many functions they each perform, they are a fundamental part of any thriving business. At Linux Npw we understand that downtime of your server systems can bring your business to a halt, therefore so we have created our Server Maintenance service.

Maintenance of server systems is beneficial to companies, and Linux Now understands this, which is why we give you on-going maintenance for your server through our reasonably priced Server Maintenance service. This service will give you extra peace of mind by ensuring that your server is working at peak efficiency. When you use our Server Maintenance service together with our support service, you will have the benefit of a system administrator at a fraction of the cost of a full-time administrator.

For such few requirements, you will still receive numerous benefits from this service which includes the installation of latest security updates. Every time a new security update is made available we will install it on your system within one business day, thus ensuring maximum security for your system and network.

Our Server Maintenance service also entails checking to see if your server is running correctly and we will contact you if for whatever reason the server has gone down. Plus, we check to ensure that there is still plenty of hard drive space on your server and we will contact you if space becomes low. Our aim is to make sure all your hardware such as hard drives should be operating normally and services such as the web and mail servers are running correctly without any faults and we check that your system has not been compromised by an attack from the Internet. Also, every time a new security update is made available for the operating system you are using we will install it on your system automatically, thus ensuring maximum security for your system and network.

We will also provide you with 20GB of off-site storage as well as install an automatically daily backup system to your server, thereby keeping your valuable data safe. Extra storage can also be made available as required. If the need arises we will make basic changes to your system. These changes include modifying your firewall setting, web and e-mail server setting among other things. We will add and remove user accounts from the server for you. All you have to do is use the support form or e-mail us the username and password and the user will be added within one business day. Everything will be setup for the new user automatically by us.

Server Maintenance $179 (inc GST) per month or $1790 (inc GST) per year

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need anything special to use this service?

Yes, you will need a permanent connection to the Internet and it is recommended you have a static IP address.

My question wasn't answered here?

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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